Kindly submit a copy the following documents together with the registration form.

  1. Child's Birth Cert / FIN / Passport
  2. Child's Cert of Vaccination (Health Booklet)
  3. Father's NIRC/ FIN / Passport
  4. Mother's NIRC / FIN / Passport
  5. Employment status of Mother / Single Father

Any ONE of the following:

  • Letter from an employer confirming the employment status and designation of the mother / single father
  • Current Payslip
  • Current CPF Statement confirming employer & employee contributions
  • Most recent Income Tax Statement which shows income from employment

*If the above documents are not available, the applicant must submit a STATUTORY DECLARATION confirming the employment status. The Statutory Declaration should include:

  1. Place of employment
  2. Type of work
  3. Monthly income
  4. Total hours of work per month

Copies of documents will be made and retained for the Centre's records.