Early Childhood Industry Analysis

World Education experts believe education industry is a sunrise industry in the 21st century trend. Early Childhood Education (CEC) will also be a major part of this trend. Countries around the world in Europe, America, Japan, China, India, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and others have place emphasis on ECE and set up specialized government agencies to provide such services to families since the1980s. As Asia’s affluence level grows, demand in quality and English ECE also expanded.

The ECE industry continues to grow in Asia, especially China, India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Central Asia, as parents continue to ensure that their children receive quality education with a good head-start. As developing countries connect globally, quality English medium ECE sets to become one of the most important industry for the 21st century.

Franchise Opportunity and Benefits

  1. Increased profitability for Franchisee due to developed business operational procedures. This reduces the development time and cost.
  2. Increased revenue from Parents awareness due to group marketing on established Merlion Kids brand and lower cost.
  3. Lower failure rate as statistic show tha ple who start independent businesses; independent businesses stand a 70 to 80 percent chance of failing in the first few critical years while franchisees have an 80 percent chance of surviving due to on-going help and support from franchisor. We have listed them below.

Franchisee requirements

  1. Interested in early childhood education career
  2. Understand the importance of brand building and upholding
  3. Understand the importance and need to work with Headquarters on all policies implementation.

Franchising conditions

  1. Comply with all governmental regulations.
  2. Have the capacity to enter into a business (not undischarged bankrupt etc)
  3. Sufficient and available startup capital

Support from Headquarters

  1. Site selection
  2. Operating license application
  3. Operation set up and continual daily guidance
  4. Renovation guidance
  5. Policies implementation
  6. Staffs training (pre-opening and continual)
  7. Centralised marketing and promotion
  8. All students reading materials, uniforms, school bags etc.
  9. IT support and children information system

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